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Guided by our passion for sport and a reverence for safety, FUSAR seeks to develop the world’s most advanced wearable technologies that will keep you safe on the road and racetrack. We call it hardwear. FUSAR’s inaugural product is the GUARDIAN, the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet.



MobileArq School Directory Plus is a robust and easy-to-use integrated App that combines a school directory for parents with a fundraising & group communications platform for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTA).  With MobileArq, the parents can easily get school information/telephone numbers/email addresses of parents, teachers and staff in their schools on their mobile devices or desktops at anytime and anywhere.  The PTA can easily keep their membership well informed with group texting or email readily and increase their revenues with the powerful and easy-to-use fundraising platform.  MobileArq will significantly help the overall efforts of schools with their ‘Go Green’ initiative.  Over 20,000 parents are currently using MobileArq for its easy-to use and convenient communication and fundraising platforms.



MobileXoom (formerly Inspirity) offers a cloud-based B2B platform for businesses to start their mobile strategy starting with a quick and easy conversion of their websites into a mobile version in just 1 click and 1 minute, with further ability to drive ongoing marketing initiatives. Small and medium sized businesses are 99% of the US economy, and the majority of them lack the resources of time, budget and know-how to create a mobile brand for themselves. This puts them at risk of falling behind in targeting consumers who are increasingly going mobile, resulting in losing their market share. As the SMB adoption of mobility is in early phases, this is a big market. MobileXoom aims to bridge this gap for millions of businesses enabling them to participate in this huge mobile technology wave, as well as protect and increase their sales.


Outdoor Exchange

The Outdoor Exchange (OX) is building the world’s largest community marketplace for the listing, discovery, and booking of outdoor gear. We are building that community by selling memberships for an affordable annual fee for access to high quality outdoor gear, and will be taking care of the supply side ourselves. We are also teaming with independent gear rental shops in strategic locations and with particular gear specialties to expand our reach, while simultaneously giving them an e-commerce platform for their goods. We will ultimately open that same platform to our highest rated users, to allow them to rent from others as well as list their own sets of outdoor gear, which typically go unused for the majority of the year, even when in season.

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Retail Shopping Systems

Retail Shopping Systems is transforming in-store shopping!  Our CartMagic product provides shoppers with a dynamic interactive visual experience, mounted right on the shopping cart handlebar.  We let customers love their shopping experience; we let stores talk to their shoppers; and we let brands and manufacturers engage the world!

SHIELDTech version 2


SHIELDtech Inc. provides an all-in-one product and service college students with a unique solution that uses a wireless panic device, partnered with a smartphone application, to enable the student to quickly and discreetly alert campus police of an emergency at the simple push of a button.  The company provides the wireless panic device, the smartphone application, and the police dispatcher dashboard.

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30 Second Showcase

30 Second Showcase is a mobile application that enables creatives to create one page micro-portfolios (showcases) of their best work; this allows them to get introduced, get discovered, and get the gig.

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BeautyStat is a search and discovery retail site that gives consumers alerts of beauty product deals, exclusive offers and ways to discover new products that meet their unique beauty needs.



Caktus helps people perform better and live healthier by coaching them towards optimal hydration with a solution consisting of a smart sensor and a companion mobile application.



HAZARAI is a social sharing platform into the universe of all things Geek Culture (comic books, graphic novels, action figures, video games, designer toys, etc.); a one-stop destination for fans to collect and organize all their favorite images, videos, and GIFs from around the web, and share them with fellow like-minded enthusiasts on customizable digital Racks.   



A smarter messaging experience that manages your text messages like email. Text messaging is life’s ultimate to-do list. Why not treat it that way?



Invidio is a service for video entertainment that enables viewers to purchase the products and apparel they see on-screen in their favorite TV shows, movies, and music videos.

Prospect Predict

Prospect Predict

Prospect Predict is a SaaS solution that uses predictive analytics to show sales reps exactly where to spend their time.



SeekChange is a personal wellness company. Our mission is to help build a more generous, mindful and resilient society. Combining emerging research in emotion regulation and positive psychology, with mobile software, we seek to redefine the use of technology to support individual and collective well being.



Share battery charge wirelessly between mobile devices with our hardware. Use our social application to find individuals willing to share battery charge and take charge.

LaunchPad 1

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Offline-to-online mobile solution for businesses to instantly engage and reward customers, connect via social media, and lower acquisition costs.

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Echo is a mobile application that connects you with your location through 140 character messages. When you open the app it automatically detects which city you’re in, and provides you with the most recent updates from echo users in that city. It’s a great way to get local news, discover events, and interact with people around you!

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Flying Kick

Creators of ZenMenu, an interactive mobile menu application thoughtfully designed to improve the dining experience.



Social media platform for athletes that connects college recruits, coaches and fans.



Online service for planning long-distance trips using multiple private bus companies.

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Online library of lessons for teachers featuring pop-culture content and streaming videos.

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Pervasive Group

Mobile-to-mobile parental control solution for smart phones capable of preventing texting while driving and limiting content and/or usability.

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Event-based photo sharing service that aggregates content from multiple users as well as images from photo booths stationed at venue.



Mobile platform for planning casual events with small groups of friends.

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Online platform that allows consumers to connect and collaborate directly with emerging fashion designers for one-off, custom-designed clothing.

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