About Us

Our focus is on identifying experienced and knowledgeable co-founders with shared values, exciting technology and commitment to succeed

Formed in 2012 by serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Mario Casabona as New Jersey’s first technology accelerator, TechLaunch has always fueled one driving engine: the commercialization of emerging technology. Pivoting in 2017 toward the goal of generating higher quality deal flow, TechLaunch introduced a streamlined model which appealed to both Entrepreneurs and Investors alike, based around The Pitch.


Today, the TechLaunch business accelerator program is designed around a rolling application process in which early stage startups receive advance mentoring which guides them toward investors and a successful due diligence process. For more info, visit the APPLY page

How do we meet your needs?

By using our deep and diverse expertise and resources, we assist early stage startups to fill in the business gaps toward optimizing your success.  Our goal is to help you prepare for the investor presentation which leads to the due diligence process and ultimately in funding.


Innovative Solution


Access to Funding


Cristian Ossa

Eric Korb

Jeffrey Weinstein

Norma Casabona

Peter Kestenbaum

Ratan Agarwal

Robin Bear

What's in it for us?

We focus on teams who are firmly committed to growing their Company by doing whatever it takes to succeed. We scour the startup community and identify early-stage ventures with experienced entrepreneurs, awesome ideas, and potentially financially rewarding results. Ultimately, we want to provide our investor network with quality deal flow in an expedited, streamlined setting.



Financially Rewarding Businesses